invatarea la adulti

andragogia- adultii se implica si se dezvolta, ghidati doar de profesori, si sunt axati pe rezolvarea problemelor

Heutagogia- abilitatea de a te juca cu cunostintele pe care le ai si de a le transforma in altele. Profesorul negociaza cu studentii subiectele pe care vor sa le invete.

Fred Garnett : each student picked any technology that interested them to research and write about. I showed them how to “play” with the learning requirements, which can be used as creative constraints, and how best to meet them in their completed work. I also encouraged them to present that work in original ways rather than as just a written report. Although most presented reports a precious few tried original approaches, such as wall charts, cartoons, a class presentation with Q&A, and so on. Most importantly simply having the opportunity to present finished written work in ways that they determined meant that they thought about various ways in which to explain their ideas.

That, in effect, is what we now called the PAH Continuum. Start with a known subject, the delivery of which a teacher is confident with (pedagogy), negotiate with the learners how they might study that subject in ways that motivate them (andragogy), and offer creative ways in which they might express what they have learnt (heutagogy). In my experience what this process, which I call ‘front-loading’ learning, also develops is the confidence in learners to both manage their learning and also to determine what it is they choose to learn. More formally we have presented these ideas as part of a post-Web 2.0 approach to learning that we call the ‘Open context model of learning’, which incorporates many other ideas, in a table called the PAH Continuum. We feel this is a heuristic that can help teachers, lecturers and trainers think about and reflect on how they might their structure the courses, units or subjects that they teach in order to help their learners become more autonomous and purposeful in how they learn.


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